How can you live a life of flavor? By tasting, feeling, and experiencing the world around you. You will discover that eating well involves choosing a variety of local ingredients that are fresh and healthy. Not only do these foods have fascinating flavors, but they are fun to cook with.  As I have found, once you have opened your senses and awaken your palate, you will be eating and enjoying food in a whole new way. Soon enough you will find yourself involved in the entire experience of caring about the soil and the ocean and those who produced the food you eat.  The entire experience is a wonderful treat!


The key to eating healthy and living a whole life of flavor is VARIETY. A fun way to do this is to “eat the rainbow”, because real, colorful food is nutritious food. Here are a few guidelines I follow when developing recipes: 

  •  I use lots of fresh fruits and vegetables – often in their raw form.
  • I minimize the use of processed products (or “white” products), such as white bread, pasta, white rice and sugar because they have much less nutritional value than the original unprocessed ingredient.
  • I use lots of pure, delicious Andean products.  Exotic passion fruits, sweet herbs, amaranth, Andean tubers (“arracacha”, “ullucos”) hominy, quinoa, “chochos”/edible lupine beans. 
  • And I cook with fresh, local products that are either organic or eco-friendly. Not only are they healthy for our bodies, but their cultivation also protects the soils, the oceans, and the climate.

 As a simple guide, all of the recipes on this site and in my new cookbook include this rainbow.