My cookbooks are the result of years working side-by-side with the mothers and grandmothers who are the guardians of the secrets of the art and flavors of Andean and Ecuadorean cooking.  In writing my first cookbook, the classic Comidas del Ecuador, my goal was to capture the traditional flavors, nutritional value, and tastes of Ecuadorean cooking and create recipes for the modern kitchen. That book has now sold over 50,000 copies. After more than 20 years, I offer a new cookbook, Un mundo de comida con los ingredients del Ecuador, as a guide for you to create fun and healthy recipes that can be made with the amazing variety of ingredients of all colors and flavors that are part of my home.



This book that allows you to taste the world is the product of a life dedicated to collecting and developing recipes that anyone can create in his or her kitchen. With this book, I bring to your table the joy and wisdom of different culinary traditions that can be made with the amazing, fresh ingredients that can be found in Ecuador. Additionally, all of these are healthy recipes to help you create a healthy lifestyle. I have used my experiences and expertise to create bold and fun recipes to turn your kitchen in to an endless source of fun, flavor and health.

Purchase Online: or (US)Purchase at local bookstores in Ecuador;  Librería EspañolaMr. BooksLibri Mundi, Rayuela, Wayruro orgánico (Quito), Mindalae Museo (Quito), Megaorganik (Quito), CamariSupermaxi, Megamaxi.


food of ecuador: traditional recipes for today

This work, Food of Ecuador: Traditional Recipes for Today, is not simply a catalog of names of ingredients or dishes, nor is it just a collection of traditions. The intelligent author, conscious that living conditions today are not the same as 50 or 100 years ago, incorporated modern cooking techniques into her recipes to allow the use of new utensils and appliances, which allows us create a guiso as exquisite as our grandmother’s created through her long and patience methods.

 – Dr. Plutarco Naranjo


Purchase Online: (US). Purchase at local bookstores in Ecuador:  Librería Española, Mr. Books, Libri Mundi, Rayuela, Wayruro orgánico (Quito), Mindalae Museo (Quito), Megaorganik (Quito), Camari, Supermaxi, Megamaxi.